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Thursdays – 7pm to 9pm (Study of The Pathway, the Truth and Life - The Spirits’ Book & Gospel according to Spiritism, Spiritual Healing & Prayer, the Mediums' Book

NEW Address: Quakers Meeting House, 17 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PJ

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Spiritist Society of London-SSL is affiliated to BUSS

British Union of Spiritist Societies   

Registered UK Charity No. 1136512

UK Company No. 06833566

BUSS head quarter is based in Bethnal Green - East London  -

All You Need to Know 
Causes and Consequences

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(Causes & Consequences)

Author: Richard Simonetti   /   Translated by S. Mc Alonan

It is a complex and emotional subject. Suicide has unfortunately touched nearly all our lives. A suicidal person needs hope. They are lost in an internal world of despair and loneliness.

A suicidal person needs help to connect with their divinity and find the courage to live out their natural life.

Amelie and Kardec,

oil x canvas, 2004, 

painted by Irene Malvezi (UK) - 

for the 4th World Spiritist Congress historic inhibition, donate to the International Spiritist Council, Nestor Masotti the General Secretary.

Is now, in exhibition in Brasilia - headquarter of the International Spiritist Council, in FEB.

The inspiration was based in the message chronicle - A Century Ago, published by ISC. 

Dear all,

It is with immense joy that I wish to share with you this exciting news. BUSS has published the first children's book in the UK in English for children to participate in the Gospel in the Home studies, to give as a gift to their friends or to read in their daily life. It is filled with inspired drawings which help parents to tell stories to the little ones who are still learning to read.

Many more titles are available!

For more information, send an e-mail to or visit

Thought & Life
Dictated by the Spirit EMMANUEL

Have you ever considered just how our thoughts affect our life? THOUGHT & LIFE will show you how to be happier. A precious book for study and meditation. 

Thought & Life: explanations of the working process of thought and the effects caused / dictated by the spirit Emmanuel; [received by] Francisco Candido Xavier;