We offer:

Study of the Fundamental Principles of the Spiritist Teachings

Knowledge of the Natural Laws of Cause and Effect

Knowledge and Understanding of the Process of:

Life & Death → Reincarnation - Self-knowledge - Spiritual Healing - Spiritual Assistance.

Social/Community Assistance


Open to: All people from different nationalities, beliefs, race and social standards who are seeking spiritual, moral and material help, through studying the natural laws of cause and effect, and who wish to receive the blessings of collective prayers.

We are committed to spread the Spiritist teachings as a means to raise spiritual awareness in our community.

Please, contact us for more information.

e-Mail:  sslondon2010@gmail.com

Facebook: Spiritist-Society-of-London-SSL


Weekly Activities and Services

Study of the book Thought & Life from 7pm to 7:30pm - discussion, reflection. No registration or charge is requested. Healing and Spiritually Magnetized Water are offered at the end of the service.

Systematic Study of the Spiritist Teachings (Thursdays 7:30pm – 8pm) Study and analysis of the fundamental principles of the Spiritist Teachings in its scientific, philosophical and religious aspects. It adopts group study methodology, using as the main resource The Spirits’ Book; and encourages active participation from those present. Its objective is to offer the opportunity to get to know the Spiritist Teachings and practice Jesus’ teaching, recognising oneself as an integral being, who participates in the social context where one lives.

Systematic Study of the Gospel (Thursdays 8pm – 8:30pm) Study of the Gospel according to Spiritism. This provides support to spiritual treatment and an opportunity to study the truth found in Jesus Gospel, within the moral-spiritual aspect, enabling people to develop their virtues and qualifying them to live a better life.

Bookshop - Books to be sell -  100 titles Spiritist books in English. 

Spiritual Assistance

These services are offered by appointment only at the moment. Anyone who undergoes a difficult time due to physical, psychological and/or spiritual imbalance is eligible to receive the fraternal assistance and the spiritual treatment. These services comprise of prayers, instructions and special passes followed by spiritually magnetized water.